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We empower individuals to challenge conventional thinking in pursuit of original ideas. Students in the College develop critical, analytic, and writing skills in our rigorous, interdisciplinary core curriculum. Through graduate programs, students test their ideas and become the next generation of leaders in academia, industry, nonprofits, and government


Makerere Institute for Social Development (MISD) was established in 1995. It is a leading tertiary institution of higher learning that is recognized by Ministry of Education and Sports and the National Council for Higher Education.

MISD offers diploma and certificate courses. It employs transparent, participatory and reasonable procedures in decision making that have set the Institutes direction through a dialogue that includes Trustees, Board of Governors, Higher Education Authorities, and Qualified Staff, alumni and International bodies and Universities. The institute boosts of highly qualified academic and non-academic staff.

We are a learning community grounded in a commitment of respect for the diversity of viewpoints that is fundamentally essential to intellectual discovery. We encourage the right of all individuals to express ideas and perspectives — and we embrace the value of vigorous debate in pursuit of knowledge.

Innovative, student-centered learning

MISD’s academic excellence is rooted in a student-centered model of learning. The Open Curriculum is a flexible but rigorous approach to education that pushes students to be creative thinkers, intellectual risk-takers and entrepreneurial problem-solvers. MISD undergraduates enjoy the freedom to study what they choose and the flexibility to discover what they love.

Students leave MISD prepared to thrive as independent, innovative leaders, no matter what path they choose.


• Integrity
• Team work
• Commitment
• Transparency
• Accountability

In all we do, we are driven to dig deeper, push further, and ask bigger questions—and to leverage our knowledge to enrich all human life. Our diverse and creative students and alumni drive innovation, lead international conversations, and make masterpieces. Alumni, lecturers and postdocs go on to become CEOs, university presidents, literary giants, and Business Personalities.


To be a reputable professional training Institute that promotes Social Development


The quality programs offered by the Institute enable students:

1• To gain a firm foundation to pursue careers and develop a strong understanding in the major areas of Management, Business, Social Work, Journalism and Information Technology fields

2• To acquire and improve on the professional skills that lead to developing a competitive advantage at the workplace

3• To keep students abreast with the changes in management, business, social and technological environment.


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